Dinamo Hardware Capsule Cutter Milan Salone Simon Merz 2024 Hero Web

Our Capsule Plaza Takeover @ Salone del Mobile Milano


We publish investigations, stories, and guest essays to promote new research and contribute to important debates in the type world.

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Dinamo Typeface Gramercy Teaser Trophy 4 3 small

Gramercy: A Beautiful Serif in Three Optical Sizes with Uppercase Swashes

Dinamo Editions Arizona Type Specimen In Hand Elias Hanzer Campaign 2024 7

New Release: The Arizona Type Specimen 2


We try to make our fonts as fair and accessible to our customers as possible. Our explainers break-down the thinking behind our models.

Dinamo Money and Emotion Hero

Money & Emotions Survey


Dinamo Oracle Campaign Zoom 2

Oracle: Battling an Ancient System of Triples 🔮

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