Typeface Release: ABC Favorit Lining

Dinamo Library Favorit Lining

ABC Favorit Lining is the younger yet much smarter brother of ABC Favorit. It was brought into the world as we were becoming tired of using design software’s typical underline function, which is thin by default and sits awkwardly close to characters. Our Lining subfamily has its own “smart underline” built straight into the font, which merges all descending characters to create unconventional letter shapes. ABC Favorit Lining is available in four weights with corresponding Italics.

Dinamo J26 ABC Favorit Lining 01

Connected Mode

The more adventurous Lining users can activate the Connect mode (previously known as under the alias “Rock ’n’ Roll”), and the initial and final characters of individual words are conjoined by an extreme underline. Alternative quotation marks can also be accessed via Number 7 of the alternative characters.

Dinamo J26 ABC Favorit Lining 02

Opentype Features

The backbone of ABC Favorit Lining is its Opentype features. By activating Ligatures, specific combinations of characters can be visually optimized. Activating the alternative character Number 9 unleashes the Connect underline.

Some characters have up to three descender variants depending on whether they’re in the initial, middle, or final position of a word. Character combinations like q@ and y/ can be optimized by activating Standard Ligatures. And when letters like p, q, and y occur at the end of a word, they can be swapped for clearer initial or final forms.

Dinamo J26 ABC Favorit Lining 03
Dinamo J26 ABC Favorit Lining 04


Design: Dinamo (Johannes Breyer and Fabian Harb)
Design Assistance: Erkin Karamemet and Immo Schneider
Technical Support and Mastering: Gustavo Ferreira and Chi-Long Trieu