License Upgrades

Upgrading your license

If your company grows or the way you use our fonts changes, you can upgrade your existing license with just a few clicks.

You can increase your company size, add types of media, or add fonts. You can also remove discounts if you're no longer eligible for them. The cost of your previous license will be deducted from your upgrade cost, and you’ll get a fresh license document once you’re done.

To get started, log in to your user account and select a project.

Dinamo Licensing Account Overview

Upgrade a project

  • Login to your user account
  • Select the project you’d like to upgrade
  • Scroll down and click “Upgrade”
  • Choose your upgrades
  • Remove discounts that no longer apply
  • Proceed to checkout

Once we receive your payment, we will send you a new invoice and updated license document, along with a link to download the fonts.

Dinamo Licensing Account Project Licenses Upgrade

Good to know

Downgrading licenses
It isn’t possible to downgrade your license or remove items from it.

Removing discounts
If you got an educational or cultural project discount on your license but you’re no longer eligible for that discount, then your license has become invalid. You can easily upgrade your license to remove the discount, which will make your license valid again. You’ll receive full credit for the price of your existing discounted license.

Billing address
The billing details and address you use for the upgrade can be different from your previous purchase.

Changing license owner details
If you’d like to update the license owner’s address, please proceed with the upgrade and send us a copy of your invoice afterwards so we can make the update.

If you need help, please contact customer support