Teaching, Lectures, and Workshops

Dinamo Usby Night Lecture


Members of Dinamo are visiting teachers at various art academies around the world, and have been invited to give type workshops and lectures at a roster of international institutions. We’re lucky to be asked to talk about our work and share an insight into what we do.


The INTL, Glasgow
Index Space, New York
Ecv Provence, Aix-en-Provence


XYZ Festival, Berlin
Elisava, Barcelona
Forward Festival, Vienna
Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, Antwerp


Swiss Design Week, Jerusalem
Grafill, Bergen
WRM Gallery, Seoul
PaTI, Seoul
The Book Society, Seoul
Typozimmer/Print Gallery, Seoul
POST Festival, Copenhagen
Weltformat, Lucerne
Fontstand Conference, Porto
Apple, Los Angeles
Art Center, Los Angeles
Cal Arts, Los Angeles
Southland Institue, Los Angeles
CCA, San Francisco


Tetterode Symposium, Amsterdam
ECAL, Workshop & Lecture, Lausanne


University of the Arts, Karlsruhe
Projektil, Weimar
Academy of Arts, Dusseldorf
Ecv Provence, Aix-en-Provence


Another Lecture with Berton Hasebe, New York
Parsons, New York
ECAL, Lausanne
Cooper Union, New York
Netlife Research, Oslo
Kunstakademie, Düsseldorf
PaTi (Paju.Typography.Institute), Seoul
The Book Society, Seoul
ahn.graphics, Seoul
University of the Arts, Basel
University of the Arts, Hamburg
Aabbc, Munich
University of the Arts, Constance


FUBU, University of the Arts, Zurich
AGI-Open Conference, Biel
Calm & Punk Gallery, Tokyo
Grafill.no, Oslo
Reception of Reception, Kleine Humboldt Gallery, Berlin
Estonian Academy of the Arts, Tallinn
Ten to Six, Bielefeld
Call for Type, Gutenberg Museum, Mainz
Designforum, Coburg

Regular Teaching

2017 University of the Arts, Dusseldorf
2016 ECAL, Lausanne (Visiting Critic)
2016 University of the Arts, Berlin
2016 College of Design, Offenbach
2013-2020 University of the Arts, Tallinn


Workshops allow us to interact with students and conceptualize ways of working

🔜 2020 XYZ Festival, Berlin


Instagram, San Francisco
Bezalel University, Jerusalem
Grafill, Bergen
Weltformat, Luzern
University of the Arts, Zurich


Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam
University of the Arts, Antwerp
ECAL, Lausanne


Projektil, Weimar
ECV, Aix-En-Provence


University of Arts, Brno
HyperWerk, Basel
Basel School of Design, Basel
Muthesius University of Fine Arts, Kiel
University of Applied Sciences, Bielefeld


University of Applied Sciences, Mainz
University of Arts, Dusseldorf
Designforum, Coburg
University of Applied Sciences, Mainz
University of Applied Sciences, Mainz



WRM Gallery, Favorit Hangul, Seoul
Typojanchi Biennial, Seoul
Swiss Style Now, 41 Cooper Gallery, Cooper Union, New York
Print Program #4, Specimen, La Fonderie, Brussels
Swiss Graphic Design in Shanghai, Westbund Art Centre, Shanghai
Swiss Graphic Design in Seoul, Samwoon Gallery, Seoul