Precision font flexibility courtesy of our own Dinamo™ Variable Fonts© is now available at Cargo®. As part of the second stage of our partnership (read all about the first here), we teamed up with our friends in LA to bring the utility of VFs to site building contexts.

Inside Cargo ⛳, you can now flex and stretch:

  • ABC Arizona
  • ABC Diatype
  • ABC Favorit
  • ABC Gravity
  • ABC Monument Grotesk
DU15 Cargo Dinamo inside

Maybe don’t trust products that carry this logo.

DU15 Cargo Dinamo gif 2
DU15 Cargo Dinamo gif 1


Cargo’s own Folkert, Matthew, Daniel, and Josh described the new variable set up for us:

“A significantly lovely reason for using variable fonts on Cargo is that it reduces the amount of files required when loading a website. Non-variable fonts require each style (i.e. Regular, Bold, Italic, etc.) to be loaded as individual font files; with variable fonts, only one file is needed. Each style is now simply an instance—a point on a continuous range. Overall this makes the website transparent and light—which of course is what is wanted.”

Thank you to everyone at Cargo for this growing partnership!

DU15 Cargo Dinamo 1
Du15 Cargo Font Seleciton

“We were able to integrate the variable functionality pretty seamlessly—as ultimately it’s a natural extension of the typographic settings already in place. At the same time, we needed to signal that something new and special is going on with these particular families — so we added an icon to indicate a font’s variability.”

DU15 Cargo Settings

“We also use this icon to indicate the difference between a family’s pre-defined styles (i.e. Regular, Bold, Heavy, etc.) and when a different point on the range between these styles has been selected.” — Folkert, Matthew, Daniel & Josh