How Do You Install a Font on Your Computer?

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Maybe you’ve bought one of our typefaces and are now having trouble using it. Or maybe your client is having trouble accessing their new files. Hopefully this video and guide by Hugo will help you out.

Step 1: Get your fonts files

Download the font you wish to install. Fonts usually come in a .zip file, so you'll need to unzip it to access the font files (do this by double clicking the .zip file). Font files often have extensions like .ttf (TrueType Font) or .otf (OpenType Font).

Step 2: Install your fonts

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Font Book is the application on macOS where all installed fonts are displayed and managed. You can open it by searching for "Font Book" in Spotlight (⌘ + Space) or by finding it in the Applications folder.

Open the folder where your downloaded font is, and simply drag the font file(s) into the Font Book window. Your font is now installed and should appear in the list of fonts in Font Book.


Open the Control Panel and go to Appearance and Personalization > Fonts. You can drag and drop your font files directly into this window, or use the "File" menu to select "Install New Font," then navigate to your font files.

Part 3: Using the Font:

Once installed, the font is available to use in any application that allows font selection, such as Word, Pages, Adobe Photoshop, etc. Simply open the application, find the font selection tool, and locate your newly installed font by name. Tip: All Dinamo fonts begin with the prefix ABC, ie. ABC Favorit.

By the way: If an app is already open during the installation, it's normal for your new fonts not to be displayed there. You will need to close and reopen your apps to load the fonts again.