Meet the Team: A Mini-Italics Tutorial From Fabiola Mejía

Fabiola is an independent type designer from Costa Rica. In 2017, she completed the Type@Cooper Condensed Program in NYC, and in 2019, she received an MA in Typeface Design from TypeMedia in The Netherlands. Apart from working remotely with Dinamo from San José, she recently founded SUPERCONTINENTE—a research space and archival platform dedicated to her type design practice and collaborative graphic explorations.

Dinamo Fabi Photo

Fabi joined by her new assistant Lira

Dinamo Fabi Team Call

And Fabi on a team call. Also: Say hello to our second newest team member Olga

Mini Italics Tutorial

It was Fabiola who worked on the italics of ABC Camera. And so below, Fabiola takes us through the task of angling of the typeface, with and without its holes:

Camera Process01

“In general, the drawing process involved rotating upright glyphs by half of the italic angle defined and then slanting by another half.”

Camera Process02

“From there, my time was spent making verticals and horizontals straight again and adjusting the (distorted) shapes while making sure things interpolated smoothly.”

ABC Camera R Square

Note: The holes stay upright while the character slants ☝️

Camera Process03

“Once the plain style was done, I moved on to the bulleted style, which was the main challenge.”

Camera Process04

“We decided to keep the bullets as circular and round as possible, which involved careful adjustments so as to not exaggerate tension.”