Camera: A Reinterpretation of Light Traps — With or Without Holes 🧀

Dinamo abc Camera Process Quote

We’re pleased to announce the widespread release of Camera & Camera Plain, including brand new italics 😬!

ABC Camera is a reinterpretation of light traps, which were originally used in the 60s and 70s to make text more readable on TV screens. Similar in logic to ink traps, light traps compensated for low resolution: When the font appeared, the screen’s blur filled in its holes so that each letter looked complete. Overall, Camera is a neutral, toned-down grotesque similar in style to Helvetia but with freer, less strictly defined proportions and a narrower body.

Dinamo abc Camera B scan

The point of departure ☝️

Dinamo abc Camera Homerun

The moment of arrival ☝️

Dinamo Typeface Camera Release Overview1
Dinamo Typeface Camera Release Overview2

Camera and Camera Plain: Both include 10 styles—5 upright & 5 italics—& Variable Fonts that you can control yourself.

Camera Variable

Initially, ABC Camera existed as a one style, one weight font for a number of years, living its obscure but happy life holed up (lol) and waiting to be picked up, reconsidered, and extended. Dinamo member Sascha Bente took up the task after relocating to Berlin from Lausanne, and then in recent months, our in-house italics master Fabiola Mejía has chipped away at its obliques, which are premiering today.

ABC Camera Camera Camera

Both families are also packaged as Variable Fonts

Alternate characters

Camera includes five sets of alternates that adjust the font’s flavor — plus a couple of other hopefully noteworthy things.

Pro tip: You can customize the font before check out with our Dinamo Font Customizer, and select your favotite alternates.

Dinamo Typeface Camera Release Ragtime
Dinamo Typeface Camera Release G Ra

Schoolbook G, R & a

Dinamo Typeface Camera Release tt

Simplified t

Dinamo Typeface Camera Release gg

Double storey g

Dinamo Typeface Camera Release Arrowss

NSFW: Arrows with holes 🤭

Dinamo Typeface Camera Release Punct1

Square punctuation

Dinamo Typeface Camera Release Punct2

Rounded punctuation

Dinamo abc Camera tools

Added this just to surprise my tool loving editor 😚

Camera in Use

Dinamo abc Camera Actual Source New Tendency

Actual Source x New Tendency

Dinamo abc Camera Alyar Aynetchi Closer 2

Closer by Alyar Aynetchi & ECAL

Dinamo abc Camera Carbone Biennale

Biennale Carbone by Service Local