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Dinamo Native Instruments DSC 8640
Dinamo Native Instruments Kasia Zacharko 33 small
Dinamo Native Instruments Kasia Zacharko 8small

Clueless Dinamo representative with NI’s industrial designer Johannes Schroth

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Renderings by Robert Fehse
Photos by Kasia Zacharko

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Dinamo Native Instruments product 1
Dinamo Native Instruments product 7
Dinamo Native Instruments product 6
Dinamo Native Instruments product 5
Dinamo Native Instruments product 4
Dinamo Native Instruments product 3
Dinamo Native Instruments product 2

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Marfa Thin + Italic

Marfa Light + Italic

Marfa Regular + Italic

Marfa Medium + Italic

Marfa Semibold + Italic

Marfa Bold + Italic

Marfa Black + Italic

2 Dinamo Gravity Gs

ABC Gravity: how wide can you go

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*Just published*

Arizona Serif
Text Arizona
Arizona Mix
Flare Arizona
Arizona Sans


include numbers, basic punctuation, and all available accented characters:

0123456789​ .,:!¡?¿()-“’+​ ↑→↓←
ÁĂÂÄȦÀĀĄÅÃÆǼ BCĆČÇĈĊ​ DÐĎĐ ​EÉĔĚÊËĖÈĒĘ FGĞĜĢĠ​ HĦĤ IIJÍĬÎÏİÌĪĮĨ​ JĴ KĶ LĹĽĻĿŁ​ M NŃŇŅŊÑ​ OÓŎÔÖÒŐŌØǾÕŒ​ PÞQRŔŘŖ​ SŚŠŞŜȘẞ TŦŤŢȚ ​UÚŬÛÜÙŰŪŲŮŨ​ V WẂŴẄẀ ​X YÝŶŸỲȲ ZŹŽŻ ​aáăâäȧàāąåãæǽǣ ​b cćčçĉċ dðďđ​ eéĕěêëėèēę ​f gğĝģġ ​hħĥ iıíĭîïìijīįĩ jȷĵ​ kķlĺľļŀł m nńňņŋñ​ oóŏôöòőōøǿõœ ​pþqrŕřŗ​ sśšşŝșß ​tŧťţț​ uúŭûüùűūųůũ​v wẃŵẅẁ​x yýŷÿỳȳ​ zźžż

The License to Chill 🔫

We created a new licensing model that makes purchasing fonts simpler and fairer for big and small businesses alike. All prices are now based on one single number: how many people work for your company.

Discounts 4 Students

Our newly introduced Dinamo Student Font Pack bundles together the full files of nine complete typeface families for €123; the price of a skateboard or two concert tickets. More on that in our 4 Students section. 🎓🛹

Essentially, Dinamo is a Swiss type design agency offering retail and bespoke typefaces, design software, research, and consultancy. Founded in Basel we operate via a network of satellite members across the globe.

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ABC Gravity
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ABC Oracle
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