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Repro is our new friendly, flexible sans serif inspired by signage and digital operating systems, designed by Erkin Karamemet.

Dinamo Sticker Golfball

Repro’s circle function

B Infopoint 200m


Baggage Claim B2

Dinamo Diatype Rounded Cover 2

Diatype Rounded

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New Fonts


Wide Release:


Raised Everything & Lowercase

Quilt might


We created features to arrange and shift the characters: You can make them jump over the baseline or hang from the top.

Raised Decenders

Quilt might


Raised Lowercase

Quilt might


Short Descenders

Quilt might


Walter Home Wimmelbild Clean round

A Day Out With

the Walters

Marist topview 8955

Marist, the new typeface by
Seb McLauchlan.

Social Condensed

Social Standard

Social Extended

Social: Designed collaboratively by 7 people over 4 years.



a a

g g

Arizona Serif
Text Arizona
Arizona Mix
Flare Arizona
Arizona Sans

Essentially, Dinamo is a Swiss type design agency offering retail and bespoke typefaces, design software, research, and consultancy. Founded in Basel, we operate via a network of satellite members across the globe.

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