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ROM is a sturdy, confident fusion of classic Grotesk and Gothic typeface styles designed by Seb McLauchlan. Taking inspiration from typeface applications in conceptual art catalogs from the ’60s and ’70s, ROM’s proportions are wide and generous in caps, and narrow and elegant in lowercase.

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6 families

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7 weights

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…and numbers! 🙄

Recent Client Work

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Walter Home Wimmelbild Clean round

A Day Out With

the Walters

Marist topview 8955

Marist, the new typeface by
Seb McLauchlan.

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Arizona Serif
Text Arizona
Arizona Mix
Flare Arizona
Arizona Sans

Essentially, Dinamo is a Swiss type design agency offering retail and bespoke typefaces, design software, research, and consultancy. Founded in Basel, we operate via a network of satellite members across the globe.

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