Dinamo Darkroom Toothbrushes

09 Dinamo Toothbrushes B

More than once, we’ve travelled to conferences and forgotten our toothbrushes at home. This is why we used to stock up on emergency Curaprox packs every time that we passed a Swiss gas station. But as we thrive most on helping others, we’ve now decided to start producing our own Dinamo Darkroom Curaprox, so that during our travels we can distribute large quantities of toothbrushes to everyone we meet.

Most recently, Fabian distributed 250 units of our toothbrushes to audience members at 2019’s Fontstand conference (after appearing slightly dental-care-obsessed at Porto airport’s customs desk). We’ll be helping even more people with their dental hygiene in the upcoming year through our Everything Needs Daily Practise initiative in collaboration with Actual Source, which invites 10 different artists to create lettering on the mini 75 x 6 mm Curaprox canvas.

Dinamo Darkroom Toothbrush Box


Design: Dinamo
Production: Curaprox, Switzerland