Social: A Multi-People, Multi-Width Mega Collab

Dinamo Social Meme

Next to take the plunge into our retail library is ABC Social, a multi-people, multi-width mega collaboration made by many eyes and many players.

As a friendly, smooth grotesque with Variable Font capabilities, it also fills a gap in our library, standing apart from our more constructed sans serifs both visually and technically.

Dinamo Social Range Normal
Dinamo Social Family Overview

Social is a Variable Font spanning across Narrow, Extended, and Regular widths

Social Stylistic Alts Round Punctuation

Rounded punctuation and accents

Social Stylistic Alts ampersand

Employees of the month

Meet the team:

Dinamo Rob


Dinamo Wei
Dinamo Erkin


Dinamo Fabiloa


Dinamo Malte2


Dinamo’s co-founder Fabian Harb himself first penned ABC Social as the custom display font for The Monthly, Australia’s left leaning independent periodical covering politics, society, and culture. Over many years and many time zones, our super team has now extended it in all directions and for widespread release: Malte Bentzen worked on the very light styles, Fabiola Mejía on its monospaced family, Wei Huang on the regular and bold styles, Erkin Karamemet on Italics, with Rob Janes completing the mastering and production work.

The name “Social” nods to how the project first came about, and to how the designing process felt. If even more humans meet and connect through working with the font—be it spiritually, romantically, or platonically—we’d be more than happy.