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Dinamo x Wood Wood
Various Times

For the five previous editions, published from 2013–2017, we modified our “Different Times” template according to what was going on in our lives or in the culture at large when published. Hence “Difficult Times” followed Trump’s election and “Spiritual Times” our short stay in Los Angeles.

Now, in 2018, we teamed up with Danish fashion label Wood Wood to release an anniversary edition titled “Various Times”. A white silkscreen print on black fabric, it features all previous modifications alongside a new one. Available in limited quantities via our Shop and the W.W. offline and online stores.

A big THANK YOU to Brian SS Jensen and Alan, Biw, Jeppe, Morten at Wood Wood.

Design: Dinamo
Production: Wood Wood
Typefaces in use: Times Ten, Times New Roman, Times LT, AT CG Times, MT Times Bitmapped

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Ww ecom16juli5572
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Various Times (White Silkscreen Print on Black, edition of 120)
Sold Out!
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