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Dinamo Specimen

For the Swiss Design Awards we’ve for the first time compiled our released typeface into one newspaper like publication. Each typeface occupies one sheet. The front side displays the repertoire and entire character set, the back side shows a imagery we manipulated to reflect its core idea. Additionally, each sheet has been printed using a different offset raster, so that the publication is therefore not only a type, but also a print-raster specimen.

Concept by Giliane Cachin & Dinamo, Graphic Design by Giliane Cachin, Photo Editing by Dinamo, Printing by Pöge Druck, Leipzig, Screenprinting by Gallery Print, Berlin

Collaborators: Andrea Anner, Morgan Brown, Giliane Cachin, Sabo Day, Gustavo Ferreira, Elias Hanzer, Erkin Karamemet, Seb McLachlan, Igino Marini, Alessandro Saccoia, Felix Salut, Immo Schneider, Jakub Straka, Chi-Long Trieu, Christopher Lawson

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Dinamo Specimen
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