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ABC Synt:

Slant, Turbo

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The License to Chill 🔫

There’s been quite a few improvements. We reworked our licensing model in order to make purchasing fonts simpler and fairer for big and small businesses alike. All prices are now based on one single number: how many people work for your company.

Discounts 4 Students

Our newly introduced Dinamo Student Font Pack bundles together the full files of nine complete typeface families for €123; the price of a skateboard or two concert tickets. More on that in our 4 Students section. 🎓🛹

Soon-to-be published Typefaces
Early Access and licensing available on request through this site
ABC Marfa
ABC Monument Grotesk Mono
ABC Synt
ABC Asfalt
ABC Simon
ABC Helveesti
ABC P3rman3nt
ABC Bingo
ABC Estragon

Typefaces currently in development
To be published in 2021-23
ABC Oracle
ABC Arizona
ABC Walter Alte + Walter Neue
ABC Marist
ABC Repro
ABC Gravity
ABC Social
ABC Otto
ABC Marya
ABC Diatype Condensed
ABC Favorit Arabic

Essentially, Dinamo is a Swiss type design agency offering retail and bespoke typefaces, design software, research, and consultancy. We have spaces in Basel and Berlin, and satellite members in various other locations.

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