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Welcome to Dinamo 3.0! We’re celebrating the launch of our new website with the release of #ABCDiatype...

Welcome to our

New Website

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…and also #ABCMaxi. Plus, a new full-color edition of our #DifferentTimes t-shirt just saw the light of day:

There’s been quite a few updates and changes here. For instance, we reworked our Licensing Model in order to make font licensing much simpler and fairer for big and small businesses alike.

We now also offer a new Dinamo Student Font Pack, which includes a selection of nine typefaces for only €123. More on that in our 4 Students section.

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9 complete typeface families for €123

Essentially, Dinamo is a Swiss type design agency offering retail and bespoke typefaces, design software, research, and consultancy. We have spaces in Basel and Berlin, and satellite members in various other locations.

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People of Dinamo

Click below for more info about our relaunch and collaborators. Join our Mailing List for regular updates! We hope you enjoy our new website! ✨

Dinamo Launch Press Release

Dinamo 3.0 Has Arrived