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Forthcoming release by Seb McLauchlan: the sister families Ginto Normal and Ginto Nord.

FAVORIT Extended Light
FAVORIT Extended Regular
FAVORIT Extended Medium
FAVORIT Extended Bold
FAVORIT Expanded Light
FAVORIT Expanded Regular
FAVORIT Expanded Medium
FAVORIT Expanded Bold
Favorit Mono
Favorit Mono
Favorit Mono
Favorit Mono

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Prophet Thin Italic
Prophet Light Italic
Prophet Regular Italic
Prophet Medium Italic
Prophet Bold Italic
Prophet Extrabold Italic

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↱here Big Alpaca Rock
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Xeros Hotel&Café {2€

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Pa;Re?To! Rectangular, Circular, Triangular.

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Favorit Light Italic
Favorit Regular Italic
Favorit Medium Italic
Favorit Bold Italic

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