A virtual space to test drive internally developed tools or plugins to help or confuse the modern type designer.

Font Gauntlet

First practiced in Ancient Greece, the military punishment known as “running the gauntlet” forced the convicted to pass between a double row of comrades who strike out and attack them. Not always easy.

Fast forward to a digital 2018, and type designers can make their fonts run through our Gauntlet to quickly uncover their weaknesses. It provides a selection of features for testing and analysing typefaces during the design process and was specifically built with variable fonts in mind, allowing for an animated preview of all their axes combined.


Dinamo and Robert Janes

Publishing date2018
LinkFont Gauntlet
Gauge Tool

This is a plugin for Glyphs App which we developed together with Jedi Master Wei Huang. The tool shows an oval for a mouse cursor which can be used to gauge the width of strokes.


Dinamo and Wei Huang

Publishing date2016
LinkGauge Tool GitHub