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    We designed two typefaces for the International Olympic Committee — a matching sans and serif ideal for streaming. Commissioned by Hulse & Durrell as part of its digital-focused brand refresh, the typefaces balance the old and the new. Helping bring the Olympic Games into the future via online channels.

    Dinamo Olympic Sans Weights Overview 1
    Dinamo Olympic Serif Regular Overview 2
    Dinamo Olympic Sans Weights Overview 2
    Dinamo Olympic Serif Regular Overview
    Dinamo Olympic Sans Regular Overview 2
    Dinamo Olympic Serif Regular Overview 1

    Olympic Sans is a classic workhorse. Used across most of the Committee’s communications. Olympic Serif, on the other hand, is like its classy sidekick. Appearing during moments when a more elevated tone is needed.

    Olympic Sans

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    Olympic Sans is a contemporary interpretation of Akzidenz-Grotesk, a typeface designed in 1896. The same year that the Olympic Games were first founded. Warm yet sharp, its forms are ideal for reading on screen.

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    Dinamo Olympic Sans
    Dinamo Olympic Sans Weights Overview

    With three weights and corresponding italics, Olympic Sans is the main voice of the Olympic brand and used for most of its written material. While Regular is favored in most cases, Medium and Bold allow for more tonal flexibility.

    Olympic Serif

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    Informed by the Oldstyle Roman type genre, Olympic Serif feels subtly connected to the rich history of the Olympic Games. Designed by our own Seb McLauchlan, it brings a sophisticated edge to the brand whenever an elevated tone is needed.

    Dinamo Olympic Serif
    Olympic Serif Weights Overview

    In most cases, Olympic Serif is used as a complimentary family. Appearing as pull quotes or elegant titles. We optimized the font for reading, so it can also be used for longer texts. Alongside Regular and corresponding italics, Olympic Serif comes in Medium and Bold.

    Opentype Features

    We implemented a series of unique OpenType features into the two fonts. To help streamline the design process for the Committee’s in-house team. Alternates, ligatures, symbols, and small caps can be added using quick, memorable shortcuts.

    Dinamo Olympic Sans Contextual Alternatives

    Type five zeros between brackets and our ring lockup will appear.

    Dinamo Olympic Sans Regular Overview

    A slashed 0 and curling y for the Sans are accessible via alternates.

    Dinamo Olympic Serif1
    Dinamo Olympic Serif2

    Old-style numbers and small capitals are embedded into the Serif, often used in the brand for acronyms or situations where text needs to be delinated.

    Multi-Script Pairings

    As a global institution, the International Olympic Committee speaks many languages. We advised the design team on suitable pairings for multiple writing systems that fit the tone and vibe of our Sans and Serif.

    Dinamo Olympic Pairing
    Dinamo Olympic Pairing 1
    Dinamo Olympic Pairing 3
    Dinamo Olympic Pairing 4
    Dinamo Olympic Pairing 5


    Client: International Olympic Committee
    Agency: Hulse & Durrell
    Creative Direction & Design: Ben Hulse, Greg Durrell
    Art Direction & Design: Julien Hébert, Bryan-K. Lamonde (Principal)
    Sans and Serif typefaces: Fabian Harb (Dinamo), Seb McLauchlan (Dinamo) with Johannes Breyer, Robert Janes (Dinamo)
    Headline typeface: Julien Hébert (Principal)
    Case Study Images: Tina Lehmkuhl