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Favorit Lining

Favorit Lining is the younger yet smarter brother to Favorit. Available in four weights and corresponding italics, it contains a "smart underline" integrated directly into the font.

Design by Johannes Breyer & Fabian Harb, with help of Erkin Karamemet and Immo Schneider
Technical Support and Mastering by Gustavo Ferreira and Chi-Long Trieu

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Rock ‘n’ Roll

The more adventurous Favorit Lining users will activate its Rock 'n' Roll feature to unveil automated initial and final forms for all characters. Additionally alternative quotation marks can be accessed with Stylistic Set number 07.

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Opentype Features

The backbone of Favorit Lining is its Opentype features. Activating Ligatures allows specific combinations of characters to be visually optimised, while activating Stylistic Set number 09 enables the Rock 'n' Roll underline.

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Some characters have up to 3 variants for use in initial, middle and final word positions.

Character combinations such as "y@" and "y/" are optimised by activating Standard Ligatures. Additionally when letters such as "p", "q", "y" occur at the edge of words they are swapped for their cleaner initial or final forms.

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Favorit Lining making an appearance with Questlove on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon discussing his new book.

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