Dinamo Native Instruments DSC 8640
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Introducing: The MASCHINE DINAMO, which features ABC Whyte Inktrap across every detail of the controller, laser-cut or printed in white, silver, and black. Limited to 750 units only. Created in collaboration with Native Instruments.

We’re excited to announce the release of a hardware project that’s been two years in the making: the Native Instruments MASCHINE Mk3 Dinamo. As a producer of code and tools ourselves, we continuously feel drawn to software, engineering, and the whole cosmos around these fields. And we’ve been feeling extremely humbled by this opportunity to produce the MASCHINE DINAMO.

NI interviewed us about MASCHINE DINAMO for its blog. Below is a small, edited excerpt, or you can read the whole thing online. 🌌

Take a look at ABC Whyte yourself
Try out ABC Whyte as a Variable Font