Dinamo Editions BNAG ABC Connect Connector HKW Zine Overview 2023 Low Res
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What does it mean to connect materially in today’s networked times? C-O-N-N-E-C-T: A Blueprint for Collaboration is an instruction-manual-meets-type-specimen-meets-philsophical-handbook for uniting Dinamo fonts with DIY furniture design by BNAG.

Inside its pages, you’ll find instructions for possible furniture creations made using the grid of our font, as well as “blueprints” for creating letterforms with screws. An essay by technology journalist and author James Vincent, whose 2022 book Beyond Measure was a New Yorker, Times, and Economist “Book of the Year,” offers a prosaic perspective on what physical nearness means in the age of social media.


Edited by Madeleine Morley
Design by Sascia Reibel, Mathias Lempart, Tina Lehmkuhl
Essay by James Vincent
Furniture designs by Oliver-Selim Boualam and Lukas Marstaller
Creative Direction by Johannes Breyer
Comic by Pete Sharp

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