Customised Typeface for Rekki

1l Upgylw ZLVV Fhq9 WJ Oy4 Q
  • Year:
  • Timing:
    3 Months
  • Team:
    Johannes Breyer
    Elias Hanzer
    Fabian Harb
  • Domain:
    Arts & Culture
  • Medium:
    Type Consulting

We were commissioned to create a custom version of our ABC Diatype for the London-based app REKKI, which helps independent restaurants connect and communicate with suppliers.

Design director David Anastácio specifically asked us to apply the essence of REKKI’s brand to ABC Diatype, in order to achieve a unique visual feel. We reflected on the letters shapes of the brand logo’s letters in order to create Diatype REKKI in both Regular and Medium weights. David wrote about our collaboration and his overall brand identity in this post this Medium article.

Dinamo REKKI 02 Logo
1ciir C3kje G Yp eg Gz S2 ZEQ
Dinamo REKKI 10 Wordmark
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Dinamo REKKI 04 Alphabet Regular
Dinamo REKKI 03 Poster F
Dinamo REKKI 03 Poster D
Dinamo REKKI 03 Poster C
Dinamo REKKI 03 Poster A
Dinamo REKKI 03 Poster B
Dinamo REKKI 03 Poster E
Dinamo REKKI 04 Alphabet Medium
0021 19 A001492920021 2
0020 18 A001492920020 2
Dinamo REKKI 05 Board
Dinamo REKKI 12 Website
Dinamo REKKI Card A
Dinamo REKKI Card B


Type Design: Dinamo with Elias Hanzer
Design Direction: David Anastácio
Development: Vasco Gaspar
Photography: David Anastácio, Filipe Penajoia, Joao de Botelho