Payment Error Creditcart

Your credit card company has rejected your payment

What you can check

  • Has your PIN, information, or billing address been entered correctly?
  • Are sufficient funds available in the account?
  • Has your daily transaction limit been reached?
  • Has your credit card expired?
  • Did a joint account holder deactivate your card?

Fraud prevention / International purchases

  • Your bank might have flagged the transaction as suspicious (3D secure)
  • Some cards can’t be used in certain countries. We are based in Switzerland.
  • Some banks won’t allow you to make an international purchase until you give express approval. This is to stop fraud from overseas, which is increasingly common these days.

Still not sure what went wrong? What you can do next:

  • Check the list above and try again
  • Switch payment methods and use PayPal to complete your purchase
  • Most issues can be resolved quickly through a call to your bank. Explain that you’re the card owner and that you’re happy for the transaction to go through.
  • If none of this helps, please get in touch with us via with a description of your problem (screenshots help!)