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After releasing five editions of Different Times t-shirts—our Dinamo Hardware series that continually revises and modifies our Different Times slogan tee to reflect what’s going on at the time—we teamed up the Danish fashion label Wood Wood to produce Various Times.

Released in 2018, Various Times marks and celebrates the five year anniversary of Dinamo. All of our past slogans feature across the white silkscreen on black fabric t-shirt, as well as one new slogan, “Quality Times,” to reflect the high-quality products of our collaborator. Various Times is available in limited quantities via our shop or at the W.W. offline and online stores. A big thank you to Brian SS Jensen, Alan Ankerstjerne, Jeppe Klerke, and Morten Meldgaard at Wood Wood.

  • 100% organic cotton
  • ​​Color: Black
  • White silkscreen printed on the front, back, and sleeves


Design: Dinamo (Johannes Breyer, Fabian Harb)
with WoodWood (Brian SS Jensen)
Production: Porto, Portugal
Photography: Dinamo, WoodWood