Uncertain Times Hat

Dinamo Uncertain Times 00 Top Header
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In summer 2020, Other Means would have hosted the 7th version of Typography Summer School New York in their studio. TSS is canceled this year, and we are taking the time to re-evaluate how the program is set up––To what ends does TSS serve the community of designers interested in partaking? How can it reach and provide access to designers who might not be aware of it or are not able to attend due to costs? We’ve always been adamant that the program be more affordable than those offered by private institutions. We’ve also been, and remain, dedicated to compensating tutors for their time.

One way we are planning to address this is by raising funds to offset tuition fees and begin developing a scholarship program. All of this is in the works, so stay tuned for more (and if you have any ideas, please hit Other Means up).

  • White six panel Dad hat
  • Maximum contrast Embroidery on white Fabric
  • 100% Cotton


Design: Other Means, Dinamo & Wei Huang
Production: Chinatown, New York City
Photography: Dinamo, Other Means