softspot with OK-RM, James Taylor Foster, Seb McLauchlan

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A container for the near and close
406 pages, 136x75x86mm, 1000 copies
ISBN 978-1-9160024-8-7

softspot is a fragile space seeking to make sense of a complex now. Through a collaborative process of editing and exchange between James Taylor-Foster and OK-RM, softspot is a dive into the recent past. Imagined as a container for the near and the close, it contains a patchwork of prose, verse and visual work that oscillate between the subjective and the objective. Written through the lens of one writer and augmented by a conversation of contributions and references, the book represents a study in how words can be written — and how they can be held in a hand.

Each softspot contains three copies of the same book. You are invited to keep one and to gift the others as you wish.


Conceived of and compiled during 2020 and 2021. With Esther Cloe Theaker, Max Creasy, Rosita Kær, Smari R. Robertsson, Tony Karlsson Savci, and Michela Zoppi.

First edition of 1000 (x3)
Published by InOtherWords
Typeset in ABC Rom by Seb McLauchlan
Supported by Dinamo
Photography by Max Creasy