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We've always had a soft spot for American college jackets with their emphatic collegic letters on the back; for a while, Fabian even had his own from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. After seeing an old photo from a Association Typographique Internationale meeting at the Haas foundry with Adrian Frutiger etc. wearing matching overcoats, we realized that we should step it up and make our own Letter Jacket, one that rearranges Haas's template to fit the Dinamo mould.

  • Alibaba Bootleg NBA Starter Jackets
  • 100% 100 g/m² Polyester
  • Silk Yarn Embroidery


Design: Dinamo (Fabian Harb, Johannes Breyer)
Production: Lahore, Pakistan
Photography: Dinamo, Unknown (thanks to La Police / Mathieu Christe and Alfred Hoffmann / Haas Foundry)