Different Times

Dinamo Different Times 2020

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Longstanding Dinamo followers will know that with any new change comes a new Different Times t-shirt, our ongoing series that’s regularly re-edited to reflect what’s going on at a particular moment in time. To celebrate the launch of the Dinamo 3.0 website in July 2020, and to mark the end of its process of intense introspection, the seventh iteration of Different Times combines all five colors of previous Different Times t-shirts in one (all made possible thanks to one especially patient printer).

  • Russell Z215 Classic Heavyweight T-Shirt
  • 100% Cotton, 180 g/m², white
  • 5 colors screen printed on the chest, back, and sleeves


Design: Dinamo (Johannes Breyer)
Production: Berlin, Germany
Photography: Marina Hoppmann, Dinamo