• How does Dinamo pricing work?


    We believe that font licenses should be owned and paid for by the client for whom the fonts are being used — not by the designers working for them — and that the value brought by fonts grows with the size of the client. With these two principles in mind, we base our prices on the total number of people working for the client — not the size of the design agency they hire, the number of people in their design department, or the number of people who use the fonts. Imagine a large car company where only a small number of employees actually work on computers, compared to a small cultural institution or non-governmental organization where a lot of the work is done with computers. You can read more about our philosophy here.

    The company size of the client is the only metric you need to know in order to license fonts. You don’t have to gather any information about their web traffic, app downloads, etc.

  • Can I buy fonts on behalf of my client?


    Yes! Even though it’s always your client who should be the license owner, in some cases it might be easiest for you to act as a payment facilitator for them.

    FYI, look out for the ”Share bag with someone“ button in the shopping cart — you can also prepare a cart for your client and send it to them.

  • What kinds of licenses do you offer and where can I learn about them?


    All kinds! You can learn about the most common ones in our EULA: desktop/print, web, app/game, video, social media, and logo/wordmark. If those don’t seem to cover your needs, just shoot us an email at mail@abcdinamo.com.

  • What’s the difference between Limited and Unlimited Licenses?


    We offer “Limited Licenses” directly via our website. You can choose the fonts you need and add the individual licenses that cover your intended use. The licenses are priced based on the size of your client’s company and have to be upgraded if your client grows.

    → A “Limited License” is mostly used by small and mid-sized companies, cultural institutions, and individuals.

    As an alternative, we also offer an “Unlimited License” (a.k.a the Enterprise License, or Corporate License). It bundles all sorts of rights (like print, web, social media, app, etc. plus our subcontractor add-on) into one “care-free package” for a one-time fee. It’s unlimited, unrestricted, and valid in perpetuity. Please send us an e-mail at <licensing@abcdinamo.com>.

    → An “Unlimited License” is often used by bigger companies and startups with fast growth ambitions in order to avoid having to worry about monitoring their growth and upgrading their license.

  • When do I need to upgrade my license?


    If your company grows or the way you use our fonts changes. You can upgrade your existing license with just a few clicks.

  • How do I upgrade my license?


    If your company grows or the way you use our fonts changes, you can upgrade your existing license with just a few clicks.

    You can increase your company size, add types of media, or add fonts. You can also remove discounts if you're no longer eligible for them. The cost of your previous license will be deducted from your upgrade cost, and you’ll get a fresh license document once you’re done.

  • How many characters are included in your trial fonts?


    We want you to be able to test our typefaces in whatever language you want, so our trial fonts include all available accented characters. Here is the character set for *latin** alphabet fonts:

    0123456789 AÁĂÂÄȦÀĀĄÅÃÆǼB CĆČÇĈĊ DÐĎĐ EÉĔĚÊËĖÈĒĘF GĞĜĢĠ HĦĤIIJÍĬÎÏİÌĪĮĨ JĴKĶLĹĽĻĿŁ MNŃŇŅŊÑ OÓŎÔÖÒŐŌØǾÕŒ PÞQ RŔŘŖ SŚŠŞŜȘẞTŦŤŢȚ UÚŬÛÜÙŰŪŲŮŨ VWẂŴẄẀ XYÝŶŸỲȲZŹŽŻ aáăâäȧàāąåãæǽǣ bcćčçĉċdðďđ eéĕěêëėèēę fgğĝģġ hħĥiıíĭîïìijīįĩjȷĵ kķlĺľļŀłmnńňņŋñ oóŏôöòőōøǿõœ pþqrŕřŗ sśšşŝșß tŧťţț uúŭûüùűūųůũ vwẃŵẅẁ xyýŷÿỳȳ zźžż .,:!¡?¿()-“'+ ↑→↓←

    **Trial fonts that cover other scripts like Cyrillic and Greek also include the whole extended alphabet for those scripts.*

  • VAT number, tax id, and sales tax


    A VAT number is required for all EU companies. Each EU member country has a slightly different VAT number formatting system. You can use this website to check if your VAT format is valid, and this website helps with country-specific formats (its usually Country Code directly followed by digits).

    Customers from Germany do not need a VAT number (German local tax will be added).

  • Can I get a refund for my font purchase?


    Unfortunately we cannot issue refunds for software licenses. But if you’re having a technical problem, please do get in touch!

  • Unable to complete purchase – DO NOT HONOR


    This (strange) error means your bank is unwilling to accept the transaction. You’ll need to contact them for more details. Our payment provider explains more here. It only happens with credit cards. Getting in touch with your bank should solve the problem, but here are some tips that might help:

    -Maybe your bank doesn’t allow payments to Switzerland?
    -Or maybe they need to unblock this type of transaction?
    -Can you try paying with PayPal instead?

  • How do I embed your web fonts into my website?

    Tech & Support

    You can use this code as a reference:

    @font-face {
      font-family: "ABC Favorit";
      src: url("/fonts/ABCFavorit-Regular.woff2") format("woff2"),
           url("/fonts/ABCFavorit-Regular.woff") format("woff");
  • How do I embed your fonts into my app?

    Tech & Support

  • What font formats do you provide?

    Tech & Support

    -Static fonts for desktop computers and apps are provided in OTF format.
    -Variable fonts for desktop computers and apps are provided in TTF format.
    -All fonts for the web are provided in WOFF and WOFF2 formats.

    Most of the formats people request (like EOT and SVG) are outdated and not necessary anymore these days. However, we can provide static fonts in TrueType (TTF) format if you really need them. Please get in touch.

    You can check font format support across different web browsers here:
    -caniuse.com woff
    caniuse.com woff2

  • Why does the vertical alignment of my web fonts seem off?

    Tech & Support

    Each font comes with a set of predefined vertical metrics. Desktop publishing tools, browsers, and operating systems interpret these values differently. There’s no one-to-rule-them-all solution to visually center the typeface in a way that works across all operating systems and browsers.

    We produce our fonts using values that ensure that no part of the design (for instance accents) are being clipped off—this would be the worst, wouldn’t it?—and we apply a set of rules that guarantee as-best-as-currently-possible-scenarios, as far as we can control it.

    This website provides great help at controlling and fine-tuning the vertical orientation of text within your layout! Hope it helps.

  • How do I activate stylistic sets on the web?

    Tech & Support

    Use the CSS attribute font-feature-settings. Read more about this over in our guide.

  • What are variable fonts and why are they so interesting?

    Variable Fonts

    A variable font is a special type of font file which contains multiple fonts within it. They’re interesting because this technology enables static fonts to become dynamic and change their appearance.

    Variable fonts…

    -Are supported by all major browsers

    -Have a smaller file size than static fonts

    -Consist of just one font file containing all styles, instead of many

    -Help address accessibility and readability issues via context-responsive type display settings

    -Allow for typographic interactivity

    -With them, you can animate typography. See for yourself by streaming one of our variable fonts directly on this website, or using our Dinamo Pipeline and Dinamo Font Gauntlet.

    By the way, there are many interesting ways to use variable fonts on your website. We have a guide and tutorial here.

  • Can I commission Dinamo to create a custom typeface?

    Custom Typefaces

    Yes, we occasionally accept commissions for custom typeface designs, word marks, or modifications of our existing typefaces.

    We’ve done so for SSENSE, Acqua di Parma, Warp Records, Suisse Institute, RIMOWA, The International Olympic Committee (IOC), On Running, Goat, Alicia Keys, and Nike, among others.

    For inquiries, please email us at mail@abcdinamo.com and describe your vision and the scope of your project.

  • Can Dinamo modify one of its existing typefaces for me?

    Custom Typefaces

    Yes! Just email us at mail@abcdinamo.com and tell us what you need.

  • What is Dinamo Hardware?


    As a counterpart to our “type software”, we launched “Dinamo Hardware”: a separate platform to translate our type design thinking into tangible objects and their production.

  • How do I return my hardware purchase?


    Any full-price, unworn and unwashed products may be returned within a period of 14 days from confirmation of dispatch. The products need to be returned in new condition and in their original packaging. Please note we do not refund shipping fees. We are not liable for any Hardware being lost or stolen during return shipping and therefore we recommend providing tracking information with your shipment. Please label your package as “Return for Dinamo”.

    Your account will be credited your refund or any difference in your exchange within 3 business days of receipt, less shipping charges. Please note that it may take up to an additional 10 days or longer for the refund to show up on your account statement, depending on your credit issuer‘s processing time.

    The address for returns is:

    OML Direktmarketing und Logistik GmbH & Co. KG
    Holzhauser Str. 140 i
    13509 Berlin

    *No returns on discounted orders

Our client-foundry-relationship 💞 is well protected. The font licensing terms can be found below: