Bespoke Typeface for

Dinamo Custom Rimowa 0140
  • Year:
  • Timing:
    12 Months
  • Team:
    Johannes Breyer
    Fabian Harb
    Robert Janes
  • Domain:
    Arts & Culture
  • Medium:
    Graphic Design

We were asked by London’s Commission studio to create a bespoke typeface to accompany its new visual identity for the luxury luggage brand RIMOWA. The Cologne-based manufacturer is known for its iconic aluminium suitcases, which have long featured distinctive parallel-running grooves on their exterior surfaces.

As Commission’s creative director Christopher Moorby says of the project: “We wanted to create an identity that could be integrated into the product seamlessly. If every detail on the case is incredibly considered, every facet of the branding should be as well.” Drawing from this sentiment, our font design straddles the mechanical and contemporary, featuring historically grounded elements that reflect RIMOWA’s over 120-years of production.

Dinamo Typefaces Bespoke Rimowa 1

We visited the RIMOWA archive in Cologne, looking for clues for the bespoke typeface

Dinamo Typefaces Bespoke Rimowa 9

“We knew from the outset we wanted it to be based on the workhorse grotesques that originated around the same time as the company in Germany," adds Christopher. “This felt like a very natural fit conceptually, but also aesthetically: Engineered, neutral, modernist.”

During the research phase, we therefore looked to these early examples of the genre—ancestors such as Record Gothic, Venus, and Monotype Grotesque. We sought references with a certain warm and idiosyncratic atmosphere that’s absent in overly streamlined designs, in order to create a typeface that fuses both industrial and humanistic touches and strikes a balance, as Christopher, says “between unique character and workaday usefulness.”

While designing the font, a number of the characters took further inspiration from the curves of RIMOWA’s classic suitcase, gesturing to their own mechanized production process. These strong and defining structural elements pair neatly with the open strokes and angular cuts of the other characters, carrying traces of an industrialized past while still feeling distinctively personable. As Christopher says: “The ambition was always to create something that spoke the same language as the product itself.”

Dinamo Custom Rimowa References02

We looked at three main historical sources: Monotype Grotesk, Venus Grotesk, and Record Gothic

Dinamo Custom Rimowa 012
Dinamo Custom Rimowa 013
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Rendering by Dinamo

Dinamo Typefaces Bespoke Rimowa 3

The archive in Cologne houses suitcase models that are several decades old

Dinamo Custom Rimowa 015
Dinamo Custom Rimowa 017
Dinamo Custom Rimowa 0120

Typeface on screen readability test

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RIMOWA is known for its customer care and in-house repair service

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Dinamo Custom Rimowa 0110
Dinamo Custom Rimowa 0131
Dinamo Custom Rimowa 0111
Dinamo Custom Rimowa 0119
Dinamo Custom Rimowa 0113
Dinamo Custom Rimowa 0130

The core characters of RIMOWA Grotesk

Dinamo Custom Rimowa 0118
Dinamo Custom Rimowa 0117
Dinamo Custom Rimowa 0128
Dinamo Custom Rimowa 0129
Dinamo Custom Rimowa 0121
Dinamo Custom Rimowa 0134
Dinamo Custom Rimowa 0135
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The RIMOWA Archive is full of treasures

Dinamo Custom Rimowa 0133
Dinamo Custom Rimowa 0122
Dinamo Custom Rimowa 0126
Dinamo Custom Rimowa 0125
Dinamo Custom Rimowa 0124
Dinamo Custom Rimowa 0123


Dinamo Custom Rimowa 0137
IMG 8560

RIMOWA: An Archive, Since 1898. Designed by Commission Studio, London and published by Rizzoli, New York


Bespoke Typeface

Concept: Dinamo
Design: Dinamo (Johannes Breyer & Fabian Harb, with Robert Janes)
Mastering: Dinamo

Brand Identity

Lead Agency: Commission Studio, London
Creative Direction: Christopher Moorby
Project Management: Alice Letman
Design: Tom Mussak


CEO: Alexandre Arnault
Project Coordination: Daria Jacobs, Gaelle Appelmans
Legal: Ralf Juck