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We have two new releases for you today. First, a rounded version of ABC Ginto, the Dinamo classic designed by our dear family member Seb McLauchan. Next, a mossy green edition of our best selling ABCap. So let’s dive in!!

New Typeface Release

Ginto Rounded is a geometric-humanist font of soft edges and playful forms. Like its non-rounded older cousins Ginto, Ginto Nord, and Ginto Nord Condensed, the Ginto Rounded subfamilies explore the tension between circular shapes and moments of sharpness.

Think of them like field recordings that capture baroque, animated styles from the ’60s and ’70s as they exchange whispers with stricter, “modern” proportion models (like that of Futura).

Today’s release marks the completion of the Ginto project. All rounded and non-rounded Ginto subfamilies create a full package of fonts, which can be combined to support or create visual tension with one another (I’d even say that an entire branding project could be completed with this toolbox alone).

Educational meme #1

Short story

Educational meme #2

The Complete Range

What’s the difference between Ginto Rounded and Ginto Nord Rounded, you ask?

Both families cover the same weight range, from Thin to Ultra with corresponding Italics. As often is the case with subfamilies, the difference between them comes down to their underlying skeleton and proportions. Standard Ginto Rounded comes with a regular x-height and compact lowercase characters, making it good for smaller text sizes. Ginto Nord Rounded has a higher x-height and wider characters – making it a good fit for chunky display contexts.

Core characters (in Ginto Nord Condensed Rounded)

Full character set (in Ginto Nord Rounded)

The new Ginto Rounded spin-off also includes Ginto Rounded Nord Condensed. There’s a Variable Font that bridges both Nords, allowing you to fine-tune width and find solutions for a variety of spatial contexts. NB: The non-rounded subfamilies are divided in exactly the same way. Let’s take one last look at the full Ginto family tree:


Ginto Rounded

Ginto Nord

Ginto Nord Rounded

Ginto Nord Condensed

Ginto Nord Rounded Condensed

The Team

Seb McLauchlan began collaborating with us and designing ABC Ginto in 2016. Originally from New Zealand, he moved to the UK in 2015 and has been working in between type and graphic design ever since.

Seb started developing Ginto while researching sans-serif typefaces from the twentieth century, focusing on the shift from Modernist “purity” to the more dynamic styles of the post-phototypesetting period. He’s also the designer behind our ABC Marist and ABC ROM.

Educational meme #3

Educational meme #4

Alongside Seb, Luke Charsley worked on all the Ginto Rounded subfamilies, taking Seb’s initial sketches over the finish line. And Kasper Pyndt Rasmussen created the Nord Condensed family, with Addison Copas — a former student of Seb’s from Kingston School of Art in London — collaborating with our own Hugo Jourdan to update and produce the complete avalanche of fresh Ginto font files.

New in Hardware: ABCap (Green)

New year, new cap: This week we released a moss green edition of our Apple Big Cap. Comes complete with an off-white and ice gray embroidered logo at face plus metal buckle clasp and healthy label.

Walter Caption Contest: Round #11

In (most) issues of The Dinamo Update, we provide a new Walter cartoon in need of a caption. You, the reader, can submit your caption by responding to this email or by commenting on our caption contest IG post. The best three responses win the complete Walter Alte.

Scroll on for the last round’s winners — as well as the new contest. Or take a take a look at our Walter Caption Contest Hall of Fame for all our past winning submissions.

This Month’s Contest

What are the Walters doing this time? Send us your caption to win!

Round 10 Finalists


Congratulations to our winners! You should all have your font files of ABC Alte Walter :)

Studio Updates

Mathi preparing our next campaign

Basket ready for her close-up

New team member not long for this world

(Customized) Diatype in the wild

Fabian finally got a vacuum

Nukta proofing with Kimya

Samira visiting Museo Egizio

Renan's pineapple season lunch break


Spells is a new compendium featuring images generated using thoughtfully crafted AI image prompts. Our team members have differing feelings on the challenges and possibilities that AI represents — but this book is an interesting example of what creative collaboration with AI can look. We contributed a few prompts ourselves — plus ABC Diatype ☝️

That’s it for today! See you next time.

Dinamo x

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