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New Student Font Pack

1 + 2 = 3: Our newly introduced Dinamo Student Font Pack bundles together the full files of nine complete typeface families for €123, or the price of a computer game, energy drink, and an XXL pizza. Students are able to produce any self-initiated work, both non-commercial and commercial, using these fonts during the duration of their studies.

We devised of this package to make our typefaces more affordable to students. According to one European-wide report, there are nearly 1,000 design graduates a year emerging from 20 public or private schools in Switzerland, while in Germany, there are 290 design programs with more graduates than we were able to count. In Poland, 21 design schools produce 1,500 graduates annually. In Portugal, 28 schools form 1,000 graduates. And in the UK, there are 232 design schools with graduates who—according to another report—are met with an average salary as a junior graphic designer of only £22K a year ☝️🧐

There are a lot of students entering a competitive yet often undervalued space (many with loans to pay). Trying to make a living out of graphic design post-graduation is hard enough, so we hope our discounts and fairer licensing model can help make our fonts more attainable during studies.

We also offer a second type of discount: Students can purchase any of our typefaces at 50% off. 

Read more about our special discounts.

Dinamo Goes Information Age

As our catalog grows, we know that we need to continue improving on how we show and share our typefaces. We’re still learning how to best present our fonts on our new website, and so we’re currently testing a few new options as part of our ongoing information age initiative.

To help you compare our fonts, we’ve added an additional entry point to our catalogue, which lets you see an overview of all our typeface. We hope you enjoy floating in the waterfall of their styles and italics.

On our homepage, there’s now a three-column overview of our released typefaces, early access fonts, and what’s in the pipeline. There’s always lots of stuff going on over here. Writing things down helps to clear the mind, and writing things down publicly puts a bit of pressure on us to live up to our promises ;-)

We’re learning that some of our (beloved) customers are not really sure what buying a typeface with us really means. Excitement blends with confusion! So we’ve listed 8 new “facts + benefits” about our font purchasing system on our Information page. Dive through the full details, and here’s a breakdown:

  • Simple Pricing
  • Variable Fonts Included
  • Discounts for Students
  • Free Trials
  • Free Font Updates
  • Option to personalise font name
  • Option to share font with others
  • Best Price Algorithm

Work & Travel


Remotely, we’re currently extending a couple of typefaces that have been sitting in our drawers for a while. And we’ve been moving long-time collaborations over the finishing line too! Once ready, the following will appear on our Early Access page before slowly making their way to our Retail Library:

  • ABC CCTV with Sascha Bente
  • ABC Helveesti with Andree Paat
  • ABC Diatype Condensed with Renan Rosatti
  • ABC Gravity by Robert Janes
  • ABC Social with Wei Huang & Malte Bentzen
  • ABC Walter with Omnigroup (Simon Mager & Leonardo Azzolini)
  • ABC Simon by Rob & JP Haynie
  • ABC Whyte Mono with Fabiola Mejía
  • ABC Repro by Erkin Karamemet
  • ABC ROM by Seb McLauchlan
  • Meanwhile, our font developer Rob escaped and is working from Vigo in the northwest coast of Spain. The rest of the Berlin studio has been rotating between home office and studio, to keep the risk of the virus’s spread low.
  • Last week, we participated in an online symposium about Font Licensing organised by ECAL. We enjoyed discussing our new pricing with sparring partners Jonas Nicollin (Independent/Base Design), Mary Catherine Pflug (Monotype) and the students of ECAL’s type design master course. Thank you Ondrej Bachor and Matthieu Cortat for inviting us.
  • Zurich-based Kaj Lehmann is putting the finishing touches on his long-awaited ABC Synt. Mostly this means kerning. Bless him.

Dinamo Bespoke Projects

RIMOWA: An Archive, Since 1898. Photo: Christian Hagemann

A new book about the history of Cologne-based luxury travel manufacturer RIMOWA has been published by Rizzoli in New York. If you look closely enough, you’ll see a certain new bespoke typeface that we developed for the company in use for the first time. The book design and RIMOWA identity are by our friends Commission Studio in London. More in 2021.

A Few More Things


  • Glyphs has relaunched its website and just published a much anticipated new version of its software: Glyphs 3.0.1. Its entirely powered by our Sans-to-Serif Variable Font ABC Arizona (by Elias Hanzer), which has been implemented in a multitude of LIT ways. It’s a good looking proof-of-concept that Variable Fonts allow for a wide range of visual expressions while still keeping file size slim and fast. Congrats to the Glyphs team Andrea, Matteo, Chris, Abel, Georg, & Rainer.
  • A reprint of our multi-color version of Different Times tee is underway. It might arrive just in times for holiday shopping.
  • We backed the Kickstarter campaign behind the reprint of the book Aldo Novarese: Alfa-Beta, organized by Archivio Tipografico from Torino in Italy. Now that the goal has been met, we can highly recommend you get your own copy too!

See you next year

Basel Office, December 2020

In spite of the difficult times, we wish you all a happy, healthy, and brighter New Year.

Speak soon,
Team Dinamo

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