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Maddy here this time, I’m editor at Dinamo. I’ll be briefly taking over from our usual newsletter writer to introduce a survey we’ve just launched about money and emotions. We co-wrote it with our friends at Nea-Kosma.

I worked as a journalist for ten years before joining Dinamo and have long been interested in how anonymously submitted data can make difficult conversations more transparent on the internet. A difficult topic orbiting our studio lately has been why it’s so hard to talk about money — and all the frustration, rage, joy, fear, jealousy, desire, and more bundled up in the topic.

In the arts, wages are low and anxiety can feel like its at an all-time high. So as part of Dinamo Editions — our new publishing and research arm — we’re investigating the creative world’s feelings towards money.

In close collaboration with our partners Vanessa and Rea at business consultancy for creatives Nea-Kosma, we put together a Money & Emotions survey that digs deep into current feelings and personal backgrounds, exploring how and where the two meet. We hope you’ll take five minutes to anonymously respond to our questions.

By talking about money and emotions together and publishing the results in a report, we hope to empower our readers to know they’re not alone in complex feelings towards finance ♡

The Team

Tina, Rea, my dog Basket, and I in the Berlin studio. We're in the middle of putting together this report.

Vanessa and Rea getting lunch in Schillerkiez!

Rea and Vanessa's article on how people can shift money mindsets through taking a close look at their emotions

Dinamo Hardware: Unlocked @ Waste Space, London

As long we’ve existed, there’s been Dinamo Hardware. Our urban garden of tangible goods, where we escape after a day working on (font) software. After years of radio silence, as well as a 12 month long development period (in STEALTH MODE: you’re preparing for a marathon but can’t brag to anyone about it), we’re opening the doors again. And we’re opening them wide.

Please join us at the legendary Waste Store in London this September 20th where we’ll be launching our latest collection. It’s an entirely new line of products created by our Head of Hardware — master of sourcing, production, and slappy back-smiths Simon Merz — who has conspired with a range of artists and collaborators to bring you a candle? A pen? Soap? A zine? You’ll see! 🌋

Weds 20 Sept ’23 @ Waste Space, Hackney Rd.

C-O-N-N-E-C-T-O-R Launch @ HKW, Berlin

Johannes is giving a lecture at Forward Festival this September. Finally a stage big enough for his ego, ehem, I mean, for him to share his studio stories and work wisdom. Then, at the event’s expo (free entry for all), we’re building a spontaneous Hardware pop-up store in collaboration with our friends at BNAG studio.

14 & 15th September 👆🏻

Visitors are invited to come say hello, browse hardware, join in with the building, or even build furniture of their own.

We’ll be using the event to launch our ABC C-O-N-N-E-C-T-O-R-S — easy-to-use metal brackets that join together different materials for quick, resilient furniture making. Each unit contains a grid, which can be used to arrange screws into lettershapes. Our screw-inspired typeface, ABC C-o-n-n-e-c-t, will also make an appearance. We hope to meet you there and are excited to see what we build together :)

14-15th Sept ’23 @ Forward Festival, HKW

1, 2, 3 Chair by BNAG (Oliver-Selim Boualam and Lukas Marstaller)

You bring the vision, we bring the wood. We have six objects prepared that you can build during our Workshop-Shop

Bring your life insurance with you bitte ☝🏻

Johannes <John Travolta> Breyer in the HKW lecture auditorium. Photo: Eredi Caloi

Walter Caption Contest: Round #9

In each issue of The Dinamo Update, we provide a new Walter cartoon in need of a caption. You, the reader, can submit your caption by responding to this email or by commenting on our caption contest IG post. The best three responses win the complete Walter Alte.

Scroll on for the last round’s winners — as well as the new contest. Or take a take a look at our Walter Caption Contest Hall of Fame for all our past winning submissions.

This Month’s Contest

What are the Walters doing this time? Send us your caption to win!

Round 8 Finalists


Congratulations to our winners. Your files of ABC Alte Walter are on their way!

Studio Updates

Tina joined us full time as our new graphic designer 💕

Simon testing riso with Antonia at Earthbound Press in London

Michelle light-boxed and angle-twisted on our Hardware shoot

Fabian, Ariel, and Simon with Luis at Senhora Presidenta in Porto

Vani didn’t leave until ALL the VAT was done

Hugo has joined us at the Berlin studio. Here we see him crossing Hermannstrasse for the first time

Another mystery product in the pipeline


Liz Gorny at Its Nice That asked us some questions about our recent campaign for Gaisyr. Johannes told her: “The idea for the campaign comes from our fascination with TikTok and YouTube culture. I also once visited a geyser during a trip to visit my family in Chile when I was a kid, and people were roasting chicken on the steam coming out of the holes. We thought that Gaisyr has serifs that sprout out like a geyser, so the idea emerged from there.”

That’s it for now. See you next time.


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