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Hi Friend,

Our ROM typeface was used by legends Special Offer, Inc. for the Charli XCX artwork. Been pure brat energy ever since!!

this is actually arial

ROM is the secondary font. Shout out to Jack, Imogene, Brent, Savannah & Seb!


I caught Special Offer’s Brent David Freaney on whatsapp for some bts gossip and color grading insights. Below’s our unedited conversation + a round up of my favorite brat memes. Also: we’re taking pre-orders for our new charli-inspired fonts t-shirt!

Hi Brent! I have to leave the office rn so in case you can chat here throwing down my first q. How did the idea for green + fuzzy font come about?


Going to be on a flight later today and will answer for you then.


Thank you so much!!!

Ok. Charli had a very clear idea of what she wanted from the jump. It was definitely always going to be sans serif and it was always going to be a shade of green.

We went through hundreds of pairings of type and color and, along with Charli’s creative director Imogene Strauss, ultimately chose a green that felt very off-trend. Something that didn’t ooze “taste.”

We designed the album at 150px/72dpi then resized for whichever format we needed it for in the earlier days of the campaign. It then became a daily task for someone at the studio to have to communicate to a printer that the low res was intentional.




HA! I keep reading that so much of the roll out plan came from charli herself. Can you tell me more about her involvement with your design process?

Charli was always very involved which made the entire design process so fluid and seamless.

I’ve never worked with an artist that is so simultaneously present and trusting as Charli has been. She knew what she liked immediately and really gave us the opportunity to choose layouts, packaging, and materials in the record’s artwork that also excited us as designers.

Projects that go well are projects where there is a strong mutual trust on both sides of the partnership. Everything just ‘clicked’ in this project and we couldn't be happier.






You know something’s really hit when it moves through culture FAST. What do you think it is about the whole campaign that made it travel so quickly?

Personally I believe the reason the campaign has been so visible and omnipresent is because it is a fuckin banger record end to end with the most compelling pop star alive at the helm of it.

Visually its ability to travel so quickly through culture has to do with the cover's simplicity. Anyone can recreate it. Anyone can have fun with it.

Absolutely agree. Last q: Can u share the code for the green? We have an idea.


Danke Brent!! 💚

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From the DRI (Dinamo Research Institute)

P.S. brat Special

That’s it for today. See you next time.

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