A spiral-bound, flip book by Hanzer Liccini exploring the many faces of our sans-to-serif superfamily —

Hi everyone,

It’s been a crazy month of launches here at Dinamo (a rounded typeface, a set of artist toothbrushes), and now we’ve got one last drop for you before the holidays. (Not promising anything).

We’re excited to release The Arizona Type Specimen today, a five color, split-page, spiral-bound showcase of ABC Arizona. Rounded corners make it suitable for both adults and children.

Designed by Elias Hanzer, ABC Arizona is the first ever sans-to-serif Variable Font that packages its five looks — Serif, Text, Mix, Flare, and Sans — into one single file. This new specimen, designed by studio Hanzer Liccini, mirrors Arizona’s countless combinations through its split structure. You can mix and match the half pages to discover the typeface’s vast system. Just like monster picture books for kids.


Illustrations by Paris-based Célestin Krier (a friend of Elias’s from UdK student days) are inspired by the mythical Chimera, a hybrid creature from Greek mythology composed of different animal parts. Think of a goat’s head, a lion’s body, and a snake’s tail.

Arizona Sans in green (PANTONE 7481U)

Arizona Flare in blackberry-purple (PANTONE 528U)

Arizona Serif in red (PANTONE 1788U)

Arizona Text in blue (PANTONE 2727U)

Arizona Mix in dark yellow (PANTONE 103U)

Production Details

It’s 290 x 230 mm, offset printed on 250g Arena White Smooth paper at Druckhaus Sportflieger in Berlin. Plus a 580g Arena White Smooth cover.

We commissioned type historian and researcher Ferdinand Ulrich to write “Tools and Shapes,” an essay that puts ABC Arizona in conversation with other sans to serif experiments from the past. Things like Otl Aicher’s Rotis. It runs through the publication five times, each time with a different layout, color, and Arizona sub-family.

About the Designers

Elias Hanzer is a Berlin-based type designer and graphic designer originally from Vienna, and Lucas Liccini is a Berlin-based graphic designer with a background in publishing. Together, they co-founded Hanzer Liccini in 2018. The partnerships specializes in custom typefaces and pay extra attention to production and print-specific details. It also manages its own platform for digital fonts, HAL Typefaces.

Elias has been a long-term friend and collaborator of Dinamo’s, ever since he first joined our Berlin studio seven years ago. He first began working on ABC Arizona in 2017 and completed it in 2019. Safe to say that many our typefaces could not have been possible without Elias’s support.

HAL studio, Berlin

Studio portrait by Elias’s brother Simon

HanLi foster a growing range of meme-like iterations of the HAL logo, which surface here and there

Always: proofing in the subway

Never: alone

About ABC Arizona

As the first ever sans to serif “superfamily,” ABC Arizona is an all-genres-in-one happy meal, available as both static files or as a sliding Variable Font. Stretching from its headline to text possibilities, an entire library could be typeset with Arizona alone.

Distribute Dinamo Editions?

The Arizona Type Specimen is the first book published by Dinamo Editions. It’s legit. ISBN included. Let’s give this one a home on your shelves already 🙃

And to all the book sellers out there: Would you like to stock it? Please get in touch with madeleine@abcdinamo.com. And look out for more titles dropping in the near future.

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Rendering by ROLI Deluxe

All the best,
Team Dinamo, Elias & Lucas 🦉

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