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Favorit Pro

Favorit Pro

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About Favorit кириллица & ελληνικά

About this typeface


ABC Favorit Pro is an extension of the ABC Favorit family that supports languages written in Cyrillic and Greek scripts. This 2019 extension is the outcome of a pair of intensive design collaborations: ABC Favorit Cyrillic was designed with Maria Doreuli and Liza Rasskazova of the Moscow-based Contrast Foundry, and ABC Favorit Greek was created by the Athens-based type designer Panagiotis Haratzopoulos.

Both extensions capture ABC Favorit’s formal idiosyncrasies, including its low contrast, tubular shapes, geometric construction, and other subtle quirks. ABC Favorit Pro allows for a host of multilingual design applications across 108 languages and nine weights, each with corresponding Italics.


ABC Favorit Latin: Dinamo
ABC Favorit Cyrillic: Contrast Foundry (Maria Doreuli, Liza Rasskazova)
ABC Favorit Greek: Panagiotis Haratzopoulos
Spacing and Kerning: Igino Marini
Production: Dinamo (Robert Janes)

Character Overview

Favorit кириллица & ελληνικά In Use

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Dinamo Favorit ed6867130531521 618244413fe5e
Dinamo Favorit ddd1d4130531521 618244413e8ba
Dinamo Favorit c806dd130531521 618244413dfc2
Dinamo Favorit bd7cd8130531521 61824441413f0
Dinamo Favorit 505a96130531521 618244413ef45
Dinamo Favorit 140a95130531521 6182444140470
Dinamo Favorit 1f1bdf130531521 6182444140d4c

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