Dinamo World Tour

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While on a trip to Scandinavia to give a type lecture, we felt a sudden, deep-seated need to produce a Viking-style Heavy Metal tour sweater. Red and transparent varnish lists all of the destinations Dinamo visited for workshops and lectures in 2015, printed on black cotton fabric. Fun fact for fans: Our Dinamo World Tour sweater was printed in the very same Berlin-based print shop where Rammstein produces its merch.

  • Russell 262M Classic Heavyweight
  • 100% Cotton, 300 g/m², white
  • One color screen printed on the chest and back, with a double print run for extra depth of color


Design: Dinamo (Fabian Harb)
Production: Berlin, Germany
Typeface: ABC Sorciere
Photography: Weston Colton, Dinamo, Philip Reinartz, Elise By Olsen