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‘playful’ torture
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I have experienced a great release and relief in writing to you, for which I am thankful
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I knew I had to intervene.
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every facet of the Modern Typographer defines his or her work.
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I am cleanly shaven (I use shaving cream by Taylor of Old Bond Street).
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except we are, of course, at battle every day of our lives.
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I feel a kinship with the Surinamese, often frequenting their restaurants in Amsterdam.
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only ‘Kinross, Unjustified texts, Hyphen’ placed elegantly along its spine
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I took off my spectacles and put in my contact lenses to appear more street-savvy
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maroon-and-white candy-striped oxford
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how the bloody hell are you, Robin?
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the theme of the exhibition: cameras that take out-of-focus photographs.
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Specimen Saved!