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it is my duty to ask: do you have a drink problem, Robin?
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I find it hard to imagine, but did you have doubts and anxieties about your future?
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adjustable waistband
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pale yellow shirt with brick-red lambswool jumper
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they were sunbathing in local parks when they noticed voyeurs in nearby bushes, masturbating. Masturbating, Robin.
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I value your opinion on social as well as Typographic issues.
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coral pink Prince-of-Wales with thick mother-of-pearl buttons
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putting well-formatted pages into the world is of lasting benefit
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as my studies in ‘graphic design’ draw to a close
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Is this worthwhile?
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Here is a small sample of items from my wardrobe.
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Aesthetically, I find it outrageously jarring
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Here is a small sample of items from my wardrobe.
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Dear Robin,
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My gut feeling is to go with my instinct on this one.
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I had to report my friend Nicolas (also my classmate and flatmate) to the police for the theft of a tin of tuna
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Specimen Saved!